Friday, February 24, 2012

So how does the garden grow?

So, how does the garden grow? Well, I am harvesting spinach right now.  The asparagus looks like it needs to mature one more year. The peas are finally getting too big for what ever it is that kept eating the new leaves and is finally growing tall and the sunflowers have sprouted. (I am using Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder and Red Pepper to keep these pests away at an alarming rate. It works, I just hope the peas aren't too hot to eat!) I have kale, beets and swiss chard growing, planted some tomatoes. The lettuce never did sprout, so I have re-seeded. The artichokes are about 6' tall now...and will soon have itty bitty artichokes appearing, I am sure. And tomorrow, in go the squash seeds. Oh my gosh! Last year we lived on squash...good thing we love it!

But here is the exciting part today! My mother bought me a "pitch fork" today for my mulch/compost. But I have been toying with a worm bed. So tonight, on Friday night, I took the fork out to the garden and turned some soil in my garden with it. What I found was the soil is rather "foamy". And 2 red worms. So I did it again, and found a few more worms. I moved to another part of the garden about 5' away and found 6-8 more worms...all sizes. I gathered them all into a bowl. I dug over by the tomatoes...more worms! There are worms in every part of my garden! This is GOOD!

I have an old kitchen sink out in the back, which I am going to pull up to the garden area and dig a hole to sink it down into the soil (worms like it cool). I am going to put my worms in and cover them with dirt and kitchen scraps. I am going to let those little wiggly creatures make some of the best compost/fertilizer for my garden EVER!

What a good Friday night! I can go to sleep dreaming of my new worm bed and rich soil and veggies!

And who story I read about "worm farming", the guy made $150,000 in the first year selling his farmed worms!

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