Saturday, February 2, 2013

So the Valley of the Sun, Arizona, had a cold front. For 6 or 7 consecutive nights, we hit 32 or less, especially out here in the 'outlying area', we call west of Goodyear. It meant freeze and frost protection. Blankets. Right now, in my garden, I am picking and eating beets, 2 types of kale, swiss chard, pak choi, and napa cabbage. I also have asparagus and green onions, but not ready to eat yet. The only thing it appears I lost was a lone yellow pear tomato plant that truly was a stray. It froze right away, regardless of protection. The rest of what is there looks happy and healthy to be there!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home grown Kale, roasted!

At the top is the roasted kale. At the bottom is the prepared, raw kale.

It was 23 degrees in Goodyear, AZ at 8:30 am today. Last night, before I covered everything I could with blankets and sheets to keep my garden from freezing, I harvested a lot of Kale. A lot! I had both curly kale and lacinato kale. I picked a few pounds of it of it. It filled my kitchen sink, which is a custom large and deep sink. This morning, I cleaned it really well, cut it into manageable pieces, tossed it with olive oil and salt, and roasted it. Just imagine a potato chip...only better!